Coaster Storage Entry Way Console Table/Hall Table, Brown Finish Review

Price: $168.14 Save $337.28

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Coaster Home Furnishings have produced much high-quality, stylish and sleek
console tables and but this has to be one of their finest. It is crafted from solid
wood and veneer construction so you know what you are getting is very high
quality for the price you are paying. I can honestly say I have no faults for this
console table but I do have a lot of great things to say about it.

First off the wood finish on this console table is amazing, it is so smooth and
it looks great most of all! It will definitely fit in great in any living room, hall or
bedroom. I would recommend this table as an antique rather than for use but
it can be used either way. It has one of the highest quality finishes I have seen
in a long time in a console table.

The Coaster Storage Entry Way Console table also has a 2-door cabinet for
storage. This is great to keep books in and may also be used for things such as
antique items like plates and ornaments. This cabinet is made to perfection
and fits in great with the overall table. The table is very durable and will
withstand a lot.

Overall this table is definitely not one to be missed out on, whether you’re an
antique collector or you just want a nice hall table, this is for you! It is crafted
to perfection and looks very sleek and stylish, it will look nice in almost every

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