Demilune Table

The demilune table which is named demilune because it is the French translation of a half moon and is considered in furniture design one of the greatest inventions. It can be used in many different ways and can be placed in so many different places. What makes this table unique is that because half of it isn’t there it can easily fit up against a wall or if you really wanted you can place two together and make a full table.

This table has become extremely popular to not only interior designers but also to the average home designer. This is due to the fact it fits into its surroundings very well and can often add a feeling of class and value to your hall or selected room. They are also not too expensive meaning even an average Joe could afford one! Just like any table there are many different types, colors and designs.

When looking for a demilune table you need to ask yourself a question. Will I be using this as a demilune console table for general use or just for decoration? This question needs to be asked because some tables are more designed as antiques rather than for practicality, you will see why later on.

First off, if you are planning on using your table for practical use you may want to use it for some of the following things (basically a list of what this type of table is good for). You may want to use it to keep and sort your mail on or even to keep unread mail in. It may also be a good place to store car keys and other handy household items which you may need when passing a hall or bedroom. It may also be useful for storing purses in or other small items like money. So basically it is great for storing any of the on the go items you will be using in your everyday life.

So what type of demilune table is good for this type of use? Well first you will want to look for one with enough room for some minor storage. This may come in a few ways such as having a drawer or even two in some cases. These are more compact than other options but are good for keys etc. In others you may find that they have cabinets for larger storage space. The great thing about these cabinets is that they can hold books or even your own valuable items that you don’t want to have on show.

Another type of storage that may be on this type of table is just a shelf which may also be used for storing books or items. Small shelves are on most demilune tables and some people even consider them necessary for the still never mind it being optional!

Getting all these features is one thing but another important part is to make sure the table you choose will be strong enough to withstand the use it will be going through. It must be able to hold the items you will be putting on it. This is easier to see if you are buying the table in store rather than online but even online by reading reviews on its strength and durability you can come to a good conclusion of whether it will do the job or not.

So if on the other hand you want to use your table for antique use you may want to look at a different style of table. When you are browsing for a demilune table for this use you need to look at a few different aspects. The first is the design. You probably want the most beautiful and elegant one out there, and that is the right way to go! The more unique and special your table is the more visitors will notice it. So look at many different things in the design.

The first is the finish. How smooth is the wood finish? You may think people don’t feel the wood but they do and they generally do this when they are walking past. This is a big thing to many collectors and experts. If the wood is smooth and well carved it generally is a great table. Next it the patterns, is there any interesting carvings on the table? Are there any drawers or cabinets? Drawers and cabinets are not just for use, they add to the whole design. Check the finish on them also.

If there are any interesting or intriguing carvings on the wood then it may be a great find. Often the best ones are those which bring the most interest into what is actually on them rather than the table as a whole so this needs to be taken into consideration.

So where can I place my newly bought demilune table or demilune console table? Well it really is up to you where you place it. If you think it is very nice and you want it to be immediately noticed by others I would recommend putting it in your entrance room or hall where visitors will be greeted with it as soon as they enter. This will give a great impression of your home right from the start.

However if you don’t really care about it being noticed and you just want it for your own use you may want to still place it in a hall or even a bedroom. In most cases they are placed up against a wall which is the reason for their design! This makes a slim-line table which is sleek and fits into your home. They are great for small apartments and condos and those who don’t have enough room for a grand entrance table! Placing it in the bedroom is handy for storing things like makeup or even a mirror on top.

Overall the demilune tables are great for all types of users. They are  good for personal use and for decoration. It comes in many types, designs and with many different features.

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