Leick Demilune Granite Top Console Table Review

Price: $179.00

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It is clear that the Leick Demilune Granite Top Console Table is one of the best
on the market. Leick is very well known for amazing console tables and they
have a level of standard that they always stick to. With this console table, it has
reached that standard and also passed it!

For a start the finish on this table is immaculate. It cannot be faulted; this
shows the great standard of Leick products. The table has a durable solid
granite top which is black. This is very durable and will be able to withstand
spills and also things dropping on it (although this is not recommended). This
console table may not always be used; it can also be put in place as an antique
or a show table in halls or bedrooms.

The frame is made out of durable wood and has a smooth feeling of
perfection. The frame is very strong and can withstand a lot of battering
around. It will be sure to make sure your table lasts for years and you get the
maximum enjoyment out of it. The mahogany type finish gives this console
table a very warm feeling about it. It fits in nicely in any living room, hall or
bedroom with its sleek and modern design!

Overall this table is great and I cannot fault it. It has one of the nicest designs
I have seen in a console table and will look good wherever you put it. It is
amazing for the price and you will not regret buying it!

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