Powell Antique Black with Sand through Terra Cotta Demilune Console Table Review

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The Powell Antique Black console table provides a sleek and stylish table. It looks perfect in halls and bedrooms! This table provides the grand look you should have in your house. In antique black, it is a classy yet also modest look to the table.

The table is very well designed with two gently curved drawers which also feature raised molding and wooden knobs. There is enough space to store some items in these drawers but I would recommend this table as more of an antique or show table! One thing about this table is that there is incredible detail in the carving and the overall texture and design. It is designed to perfection and is one of the nicest console tables I have seen in a very long time.

There is also a well-designed demilune shelf below the drawers. This is also made to perfection! Everything in this table just comes together to make a well-designed closure table. It is easily assembled, so easy it can be done in literally a few minutes. Another thing to notice is that once this table is fully assembled it is very sturdy! It will not break easily and you can be sure it will last you a long time.

Overall this table is not one to miss out on. I cannot fault it in any way and its design is perfect for a great quality console table. And one of the best things about it is the price!

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