Powell Masterpiece Console Table with 4 Reeded Legs with Lower Shelf Review

Price: $249.99

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The Powell Masterpiece Console Table is definitely a masterpiece (hence the
name!), it is one of the finest console tables I have seen in a long, long time.
Powell are very well known to produce great antique tables which are sure to
last you a very long time and provide the very best look that a console table
can bring.

To start with, this table has a fantastic finish and it is extremely smooth. I could
not fault the finish of it at all. It has many unique carved details which really
do add to the warmth and new experience that this table provides. It is very
intriguing for visitors and you will definitely find yourself admiring it from time
to time.

The table is built to last. It is made out of very durable and strong wood which
could withstand a lot of force if need be. It is also not too easily scratched
which is a bonus if you have pets around. With this table there is a lower
shelf where you can store your own treasures or even some books. It has the
strength to hold a row of books which is a good sign, showing that the table is
definitely durable.

To conclude this review, I think that this is one of Powell’s greatest tables out
yet. It is intricately designed to perfection and I cannot fault it. I do not think
there is a nicer table out there on the market for the price you are paying.

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