Round Table with Drawer and Shelf Review

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This table is very simple but it does its job very well. It is very classy and the
wood finish on it is amazing and smooth. It is in Antique Walnut so it looks very
sleek and stylish. One thing which did surprise me about this table is the sheer
quality of it. It appears to be made of very high-class wood.

The table is extremely durable and I think it could withstand a lot (although it is
not recommended). This table is an elegant half-moon which is perfect for hall
ways or reception rooms. It adds a feeling of class to the room immediately
and provides a great space filler if need be. It can be used to set or store things
but I would recommend it as an antique or a show table.

This table has a drawer which is carved to perfection. It fits in nicely and really
does bring the whole table together. It can be used to store some small items
in if you need to. It is recommended to hold items such as mail, a small purse
or just necessary on the go items. It is also made of the same wood with
wooden handles. This table is easily assembled so you should have it set up in
a matter of minutes.

To conclude, this table may be simple but it proves to be very effective at
what it does. It is beautiful and for so little money it is such a bargain, I would
recommend it to anyone.

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